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Compass Yachting is a yacht charter company based in Fethiye, a town on the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey, in Mugla province.

The company is a member of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping (DTO). This sector-led organisation ensure all members’ compliance with the regulations and quality standards concerning the marine tourism and maritime industries in Turkey.

Established in 1998, our business aims to combine the distinctive yachting and tourism opportunities that Turkey offers with the best possible customer service. Our speciality is tailor-made yacht and gulet charters on itineraries along the coast between Bodrum and Antalya. We also offer a wide range of travel services which are run by licenced Travel Agencies that we trust.

Our office is run by a team of experienced staff, who speak Turkish, English, German. We’re a small (but boutique) company with a lot of experience – meaning that we’re flexible, and do our best to accommodate every customer’s personal wishes.

Our services include:

Private Yacht Charter

Cabin Charter Gulet Cruises

Diving Safaris

Bare-boat Charters

Mooring & Handling Services for Visiting Yachts

Yacht Management including Repairs and Brokerage

Consultancy and Surveying Services for all Legal Processes


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