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Where would you like to spend your holiday? If endless beaches, a gentle sun-drenched climate, natural beauties, historical treasures, harmony of cultures, comfort, reasonable prices and very friendly people are important for you, Turkey offers you all of these. This ideal place to spend your holiday is a beautiful country surrounded by Black Sea, Aegean and Mediterranean with 8333 km of coastline enclosing the fertile land of Anatolia.

Turkey is a bridge between cultures, continents, centuries and peoples. Anatolia, known as "the cradle of civilizations, hosts the most rich and diverse civilizations in the history of mankind. The young Republic of Turkey established after the First World War was constructed upon this surface, which has accumulated the riches of many civilizations and cultures including the Hattie, Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, Lycian, Lydian, Ionian, Persian, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman of past centuries. A sultan's palace, a great imperial mosque, a church of early Christians or a museum filled with artistic treasures of ancient Greece and Rome.

Anatolia is also home of the main universal religions. It is a sacred land, a mystical realm sheltering a wealth of religious diversity. Places of worship are constructed side by side in Turkey; people lived freely according to their believes during the centuries and continues to worship in total liberty. In secular Turkey, which maintains the tolerance of Anatolia, "belief" is the most sacred human value, the most important virtue. In Turkey, where the majority religion is Islam, Judaism, Christianity and various sects and beliefs coexist in harmony. This unique harmony is inherited from history, from our forefathers, and from the soil of Anatolia.

Along with its bountiful sunshine, which lasts for eleven months of the year, and its rich natural beauty, Turkey offers you have all four seasons in 24 hours just by travelling from west end to the east end of the country. It is possible to go swimming in the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean coast while it rains in the northern Black Sea region and snows in the East. As much as it is a country of trees, mountains, streams, lakes and over 9000 species of flowers, Turkey is also a land of animals, especially birds. Over four hundred different kinds of birds live in this land.

Most of the world's major cities have flights to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Dalaman International Airports. There are also charter flights to these airports, and domestic flights to many popular tourist resorts. Dalaman Airport is only 50 km to Fethiye town centre and it is here that we recommend you in this web site as one of the best tourist resorts of Turkey.

Re-discover the lights of nature, culture and history in Anatolia, where the sun rises…Welcome to Turkey…


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