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How about an active holiday instead of just lying in the sun on board? We are also experienced in active boating holidays such as biking holidays. Our experienced team offers you the taste of blue cruise by adding a daily biking programme during your cruise.

We provide bicycles and the guide to lead you on land, and everyday the boat will leave you in a secluded bay and pick you up in another in coordination with the guide, while you keep on biking through lovely pine forests and ancient settlements as well as local nomad villages and discover the highlights of the area both from land and from the sea.

Returning to the boat, you will both soak up the sun and snorkel in crystal clear waters of the mediterranean after an active and sweatting day out in the land.

Please build up your own group and enquire us about a "boat and bike" programme, so that we will do our best to accommodate your special wish and tailor-make your unforgettable holiday!


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