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In most cases, it is hard to decide to buy or order a yacht to be built. So, sometimes it may be a good idea to get help from a professional. Our experienced staff takes place and inspect the yacht for any fault or damage on behalf of you. A detailed report in any language will be prepared including the hull, material, engines, electronics and much more.

Not only for buyers, but we also provide surveying services for short or long term rentals. We know it is hard to trust and hire a yacht for a long term, so we go and inspect the yacht on your behalf, and again, prepare a detailed report for your convenience.

We also provide consultancy services for both yacht owners or renters. We are very experienced on official formalities in Turkish State Offices, and we know the Turkish and international laws. Starting from insurance matters, to (but not limited to) customs and passport formalities, we give consultancy services for both international owners or their prospective clients.


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