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Turkish cuisine is ranked among the world's top cuisines - right there after French and Chinese. Fresh vegetables and fruit are plentiful, deliciously fresh and lusciously sun-ripened. Bread is a particular treat - not freshly baked every day but dangerously more-ish!

Whilst on board, your day will start with traditional Turkish breakfast, consisting of bread with cheeses, olives, honey and jam, yogurt, tomatoes and fruit plus sausage or eggs on some days.
A light lunch is next in line - with perhaps stuffed aubergine, rice and salad one day, and savoury pastries stuffed with meat or cheese (börek), accompanied by the traditional combination of yogurt, salt and water known as ayran, the next day.
Afternoon tea takes place around 5 pm.
After an early evening nap, dinner concludes the day with traditional mezes, freshly grilled seafood, chicken or meats, salads and fruit to finish as the sunsets and stars come up. You might want to try to catch your own fish for a barbecue on board or on the shore - as with everything on a gulet cruise, flexibility is the key.

Local drinks are excellent accompaniments to dinner - try raki with water and ice for a traditional & highly intoxicating touch, local beer for extra refreshment, or perhaps one of Turkey's range of local wines. You can buy all kind of drink from the bar on board or Private Charter guests are also welcome to provide their own beverages but with prior notice. But you should know that drinks sold on board are quite reasonable and it is generally not worth bringing your own drinks on board. You might not guess exactly how much you can drink during the cruise; so the amount you bring could either be insufficient or extremely much. Most of our guests prefer just laying back, and just pay for what they drink at the end of the cruise.


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