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General Notes
Mini Cruise (Marmaris)
Mini Cruise (Kekova)
Weekly Cruise (Marmaris)
Weekly Cruise (Kekova)
Weekly Cruise (Greek Islands)
Optional Add-Ons

Lycian Cruise

Day One: Fethiye
Meet the boat in Fethiye harbour. Evening meal and overnight in Fethiye harbour or in a nearby bay depending on boat's availability and arrival time of all guests.

Day Two: Rhodes Island
An early start towards the "Sun Island" Rhodes. Discover one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. A breathtaking atmosphere awaits you with legendary stories. Have a walk through the cobbled streets, possibility to visit e.g. the magnificent “Grand Master's Palace”, Byzantine church and admire mosques. Overnight in the port of Rhodes.

Day Three: Symi Island
The very attractive and inviting Island of Symi has to offer something for everyone and of course plenty of cultural highlights. When the sun goes down over Symi, there is hardly a more romantic place than here on the waterfront. We stay for tonight in the harbor of Symi.

Day Four: Bozburun
Today it goes on to Bozburun, a small fishing village and the local Turkish port for registration. This area is also famous for building the traditional wooden "gulets". Enjoy the atmosphere in the traditional tea garden under the eucalyptus trees in front of the local boat, the barber shop - where men are shaved, massaged and sprayed with cologne - or simply a stroll through the little village. After lunch in Bozburun the captain starts the engine and continues the cruise to some close bays.

Day Five: Bays of Serce and Kadirga
Here in Serce bay, the oldest known shipwreck has been found. The reconstructed ship and its cargo of precious glass are exhibited in the Museum of Bodrum. The bay is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. Continue to Kardirga bay. Stay overnight in Kadirga.

Day Six: Ekincik - Semizce
In the morning, the captain starts the engine – time to go to Ekincik - a bay near the estuary of the Dalyan River. Take the opportunity to go on excursion to Dalyan by small boats through the meter-high reeds. It features the famous rock tombs and a natural mud bath. (Excursion is optional and extra) Stay the night in the bay of Ekincik.

Day Seven: Göcek Bays
The Gulf of Fethiye with its many islands of Göcek. It is one of the most untouched and most beautiful coastal areas of Turkey. Last day for swimming, snorkeling, sun bathing. In the afternoon, you come back near your home port of Fethiye. Spend the last evening either in port of Fethiye or a nearby bay.

Day Eight: Fethiye
Disembarking in Fethiye after breakfast, it is time to say farewell to your gulet and crew.


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