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About Fethiye
History of Fethiye
Nature in Fethiye
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Fethiye is surrounded by the Toros (Taurus) Mountains, many reaching as high as 1600 - 3000 mt. The slopes of the mountains and the plain are lined with pine, cedar, Olive, laurel, myrtle, acacia, fig, citrus trees, 3000 endemic sorts among thousands of floral varieties. The frankincense tree (Liquidamber Orientalis), which is the source of myrrh, and widely, used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, is counted as a rare species in the world. This plant, which has been in existence since before the ice age, around 10 millions years, is cultivated only around Fethiye and Köycegiz and in a small district of California. Abundant with flora and fauna, the ecologic life of Fethiye is worth exploring by people who are lovers of nature, culture and history.

Here you find some of the natural beauties of Fethiye.

Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon): Explore the Blue Lagoon (Ölüdeniz - Dead Sea)) where the calm crystal water is ideal for swimming and other water sports. Ölüdeniz is located near the famous resort of Fethiye, Belcekiz Beach and protected as one of the natural parks of Turkey.

Butterfly Valley: Butterfly Valley is placed at the bottom of a deep Valley, of one of the most beautiful bays around Fethiye. Starting springtime for about 9-10 months more than 40 kinds of butterflies can be seen in the valley. Pieri Rapos, Euglapia Quadripunctia, Danaus Chtsippus and others…

Saklikent Gorge: High in the mountains above Fethiye, rushing river torrents cut a narrow gorge / canyon through the mountains, creating Saklikent Gorge. A cool refuge on hot summer days, Saklikent Gorge is a favourite picnic spot with rustic restaurants serving delectable fresh trout.

Gemiler Bay & Island: Following the road leading from Kaya Köyü, you end up at a beautiful beach surrounded by pine and olive trees. Gemiler bay faces the small Island where Byzantine ruins lie tucked among the pines. A Japanese team has carried on archaeological excavations for 10 years.

Günlüklü (Küçük Kargi): This site with its quiet beach is run as a campsite by the Directorate of National Parks and renowned for its frankincense trees (Liquidi-Ambar Orientalis), which grow only in Mugla region.

Katranci: The Mugla-Fethiye highway branches off to this campsite where pine trees stretch to the shore, at a point 15 km. from Fethiye and there are numerous little bays around this spot.

Gebeler Spa: The Gebeler Spa is a thermal spring recalling Tlos baths. The spring, which contains high Chlorine and sulphate cures many ailments. The 15 meters deep hot water wells are most efficacious remedies for rheumatism, sciatica and skin diseases.


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